10 reasons why acupuncture can help with fitness!

The Chinese art of acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years. Most think that acupuncture is strictly for pain and only used in cases where people needed pain relief and therapy.

Acupuncture is a great way to not only repair and relieve pain; it’s a great way to strengthen the entire body both mentally and physically by promoting a balance and harmony throughout the body.

Below are 10 reasons why you should consider acupuncture in your fitness regimen!

Question #1: Overtraining
I’ve been training for over 27 years and sometimes I over train, but I want to continue training and feel good for the rest of my life. How can acupuncture help me to do this?


Yes, acupuncture can work positively on the entire body to balance the deficient and excessive, Yin and Yang, exterior and interior, hot and cold. For example, when a licensed Acupuncturist inserts the same point PC6 (Nei Guan Figure 1) 2 cun above the inner wrist, it will lower or increase that person’s blood pressure, depending on whether their blood pressure is high or low.

Acupuncture can help to balance fitness training, over- training, or lack of energy.

Question #2: Muscle and Joint Pain
Sometimes I feel muscle and joint pains throughout my body, could acupuncture help my muscles and joints feel young again?


Well, as soon as we are born, our bones, muscles and joints are oxidized. Acupuncture improves blood circulation, and it will definitely create new born healthy cells inside the body to rejuvenate the muscles and joints. One time I went cycling on an Island for 5 hours, the intense exercise killed all my muscles, bones and joints. That night, I was lying on the hotel bed in tears from the pain. I applied needles on the front of my body, and the next day I felt like a young athlete again. This stuff is crazy.

Question #3: Tired and Fatigued

There are times when I wake up in the morning and still feel tired and fatigued can acupuncture help with my sleep?


Yes, acupuncture works on the channels and meridians throughout the entire body. It will improve sleep quality and encourage REM sleep easily. I prefer to insert Yin Tang (Third eye), to the surface location of the pineal gland. Our brain requires quality deep sleep, so we can wake up refreshed and full of energy. Some people can sleep for 8 hours, and they may still wake up tired, but acupuncture can help improve your quality of sleep. Therefore, you will awake fully rejuvenated and ready to take on the day!

See the reference of pineal gland

Question #4: Weight loss / Fat loss
I’m always looking to stay as lean as possible with all the photo shoots I do and the modeling. Can acupuncture help me to maintain or even assist me with my fat loss?


Yes, acupuncture can help to curb the appetite naturally, and help to speed up your metabolism to burn calories. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise program, it will work together to reduce body fat.

Question #5: Muscle Building:
I’m always looking to put on some lean muscle mass. I train hard and diet well, but can acupuncture also help put on lean muscle?


Acupuncture is ideal to promote healthy muscle growth in all levels. Acupuncture can remove Qi and blood stagnation in the muscles, so the body can be tight-tone and terrific. Many athletes and elite sport players use Chinese medicine to enhance masculine performance, such as Yao Ming.

Question #6: Male Growth hormone/Testosterone
As a natural Bodybuilder I’m drug free, but I’m always looking for a natural way to help improve and maintain my testosterone levels. Can acupuncture help with this?


Yes, acupuncture works on the male and female hormones. Because Chinese medicine has three treasures “Essence, Qi and blood”. Essence is our kidneys. Our Kidneys have a very close relationship with our hormones, including testosterone levels.

Some of my older male patients noticed after 4-6 sessions, their grey hair started to turn dark, and female patients many over 50 years old stated that their periods came back even several years after menopause occurred.

Question #7: Skin and Complexion
As a Model, I’m always trying to maintain healthy looking vibrant skin. Is there any way acupuncture can help me with my skin and complexion?


Yes, Acupuncture can promote these three treasures: “Essence, Qi and Blood”. So acupuncture can help maintain a healthy and younger look from within by promoting these three. It also aligns 7 Chakras, and restores a healthier complexion.
Question #8: Mental Fatigue and Brain Fog
Sometimes with all the stress I’m under, I can get over-whelmed with many things which can cause me to feel mentally fatigued and experience brain fog. Can acupuncture help me with my focus?


Yes, most of my patients have stated that acupuncture is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Acupuncture can reduce mental fatigue and remove the stress, due to its natural and positive energy flow in the entire body. People are often stressed with their fast paced lifestyle, technology, social media, with so much negative energy and vibes that can harmful to our bodies.

Using a safe ancient acupuncture treatment can definitely bring more peace of mind helping you to think more clearly.
Question #9: Feeling Depressed
No matter how hard I train, sometimes daily life can make me a little depressed. Can acupuncture help me feel happier and less blue?


Yes, acupuncture has been scientifically proven to promote natural endorphins in the body. The fitness training definitely promotes that happy remedy, but our body also needs to rest. Even God rested on the 7th day. Acupuncture can be a perfect supplement to achieve 7 days of happiness.

Question #10: Strong and Youthful

Being 42 years old now, I want to stay strong and feel young. Is there any way acupuncture can slow down the aging process and cause me to feel stronger and more rejuvenated?


A Combination of fitness training and a routine or seasonal acupuncture tune-up is a perfect age defense in the long run. It not only prevents illness and corrects muscle sprains, but it also promotes Qi and Blood in the entire body on a regular basis. Muscle dictates metabolism. Speedy metabolism is probably the best youth remedy.

Biological age is no longer a challenge to human beings. You being the best fitness expert, you like you’re in your early 30’s yourself.  @ The Murnaghan Clinic: We know these secrets that is why we get such good results, quickly.!