Master it to your advantage!


If only people could appreciate the true art of breathing. Something we only really care about when someone or something prevents you from enjoying, inhaling or exhaling.  Lets get more understanding.  Breathing is,100% humid, so you can dehydrate by breathing especially through the mouth. Breathing through the nose is circulates Co2 better which acts as a sedative, that’s what the breathing into a brown bag is for, recycling the Co2 to calm you down. Remember that when doing exams. Breathing also moves the 12th rib facilitating proper spinal function, that’s why you should never hold your breath when straining or lifting, it can lock up your back leaving you in agony.

It helps you digest food and move it along your digestive system. It oxygenates blood. Sighing indicates anxiety, how often do you sigh, or notice it in others.

Your breath can be used to diagnose disease as well as intoxication. Done properly can be used as pain control as well as increases endurance and energy usage. It can be used to induce hallucinations.! It is vital to master it to your advantage: @ The Murnaghan Clinic: We know these secrets that is why we get such good results, quickly.!