Meditation & Gravity

Meditation & gravity

There is no single command that on its own can cause the whole body to let go of tension completely. Between the mind, the breath, muscular tension, fascia, thirst, hunger, emotional state and time, we find ways to stay elusive to the true deep relaxed state that is so important to achieve to optimise our natural ability to heal and recover effectively from the brain to the soles of our feet.  Outside muscle tension is the fascia, Gravity helps dis engage its clinging tension over our structure on many levels, the unwind releases proprioceptive tension telling the brain we are truly still and trying to relax, the occiput in the skull releases CSF fluid deficiency allowing for further deep relaxation, The Gravity Keystone releases deep tension from the pelvis allowing the pelvic floor deep release.   @ The Murnaghan Clinic: We know these secrets that is why we get such good results, quickly.!