Stressed, anxious, overthinker? Stop for a moment and read this!

Stress Decompression, Separating the real from the imaginary, the right now from the what if?, or the moralistic from the realistic, these matters can drive the body to be tense or anxious to the point that you never relax. Yes, there are issues to consider, but there is also a body to re calibrate.  Why? because as much as you can wake up ‘feeling anxious’ this anxitey can then make you search for stressors in your mind, even though you may be actually ok mentally, but physically just a little out of balance. At the clinic we can de compress your body, unwind your thinking and re connect your ‘sense-of- Humour’.  When you free your mind, the body follows, then your emotions get more positive, cos the pressure is off.! @ The Murnaghan Clinic: We know these secrets that is why we get such good results, quickly.!