There’s no doubting Shane Murnaghan’s genius. He’s turned my life around, both on a physical and emotional level. Bring it on - I am ready for even bigger challenges now!
— Grania Willis - Irish Times
Upon reflection, my “seven Summits” world record success stemmed directly from an ability to stay focused and mentally sharp no matter what disaster might ensue. Working with Dr Shane Murnaghan helped to ensure that I was prepared both physically and mentally to the very highest levels.
— Ian McKeever - MPRII
Shane Murnaghan will mend your body, clear your mind and lift your spirit. He is some man for one man, and I love him.
— Ian Kingston, Essential Training
I’ve been to the clinic quite a few times the last few months, and am still amazed by the results. The clinic is also a great place to go to take time out to look after yourself, particularly if you run your own business. I strongly recommend it.
— Ian Masterson - Company Director
My son at 14 had a terrible rugby accident, injuring his neck. Thanks to Shane getting him back out there again, he is fit as a fiddle and without Shane’s input, I have no doubt he would not be playing for Leinster U17’s.
— Sharon Kenny - Heads Together Marketing
Shane is a wise warrior who helped me hugely when I needed it most. Back guru probably is not how I would describe him best. Life Guru, with a healing gift, not only heals your body but helps you realise the importance of taking care of your own mind & spirit too. I would certainly want him on my side of the table, in my corner. Don’t do recommendations easily or often but happy to highly recommend Shane for any type of physical or emotional pain.
— Laura Murphy - HR Consultant
I can’t recommend the treatments enough. Dr. Murnaghan is a very skilled and knowledgeable man. It is so important to follow his advice as it speeds recovery. After back surgery and nerve damage I eventually could only cope on heavy duty medication and walking aids. After a couple of weeks I was walking without pain and aids. Eighteen months on I pop in for maintenance treatments with Dr. Murnaghan and massage with Deborah. Thank you for getting my life back.
— Sharon Percival
I’ve have the pleasure of being one of Dr Murnaghan’s patients. Over the years I used to have carpel tunnel , frozen shoulders, pulled hamstrings, multiple migraines, back pain, anxiety attacks to name but a few. I now get regular monthly check ups from Dr Murnaghan and am able to live my life the way I want to and not be curtailed by pain. If you want get better then talk to Dr Murnaghan after all you have to loose is pain and suffering.
— Damien O' Herlihy

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